NAST™ - for Anesthesia Programs
Designed primarily for nurse anesthesia programs, Typhon Group's NAST Student Tracking System functions as a complete electronic student tracking system, including comprehensive collection and reporting of student case log data, NBCRNA transcript data downloads, a fully featured evaluation component for assessments, management of student rotation scheduling, student electronic portfolios, student biographic database, clinical site database, curriculum mapping, secure document management, and much more.

Something for everyone in your department

   • Program Directors ...can review reports monitoring student clinical experiences, curriculum mapping, and evaluations
   • Academic Coordinators ...can map curriculum objectives to accreditation standards and monitor student achievements of targets/goals
   • Assistant Directors ...can create evaluations, download transcript data, manage site affiliation data, and schedule students appropriately
   • Administrative Assistants ...can manage the details of every student in your program, including licenses and immunization documents
   • Faculty ...can monitor whether students are satisfactorily progressing in their clinical experiences, meeting the objectives of each course
   • Students ...can report their clinical experiences, take evaluations, and build a portfolio to use when job hunting after graduation

NAST includes a variety of integrated features, such as:

Case Log Tracking

Students can quickly and easily enter procedure information on each patient, including demographics, anesthesia procedures, anesthesia types, times, medications and anatomical categories.

Case Log Quality Measurement

Our integrated anesthesia QA data sets allow students to optionally track delays and indicators that may arise on each case.  This reinforces quality indicators to students for the future.

Individual Reports

Students and faculty can instantly run a variety of pre-built reports, including individual case logs, cumulative totals, time logs, and conference logs.  Administrators can download NBCRNA transcript data.

Group Comparison Reports

Administrators and faculty can instantly run and export a variety of pre-built comparison reports to compare student case log totals, time log totals and clinical site totals.

Evaluations & Surveys

Design and administer your own web-based surveys or evaluations, such as course, site, student, or preceptor assessments.  Results can be viewed in real time with live summary graphs and charts.

Student Scheduling

Easily build and maintain your calendar of student rotations.  Additional automated features (mid-2016) allow for lottery or preference-based scheduling by linking together site and student requirements.

Curriculum Mapping

Map your school's program and course objectives and optionally align them with standards that apply to your program's accreditation requirements. Create student rosters and track their achievements.

Student Portfolios

Students can create and customize their own multi-page website using the My Portfolio module.  This electronic portfolio becomes invaluable when students are seeking employment after graduation.

Student Database

Manage all the relevant details of each student, including contact information, immunizations and licenses, transcript related fields, supporting documents and administrative comments.

Clinical Site Database

Manage the details of each of your clinical sites, including address and contact information, site visit results and contract documents. Optionally enable a clinical site directory for students.

Secure Document Management

Full electronic management of coursework or care plans turned in by students, site contracts, immunization and license paperwork, and other documents that need to be shared with relevant parties.

Customizable Features

Administrators can choose which fields to track in the system and can add their own custom fields to the case logs, time logs, student database and clinical site database.

Missing Information Alerts

Students are alerted on their main menu when their case logs are missing vital required information. Faculty can also monitor the details of incomplete case logs.

Secure Online Access

Secure website access using encrypted GeoTrust 256-bit SSL transmission and policies that comply with HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI DSS security standards.

Smartphone Optimized

Student data entry website automatically recognizes when a student is logged in from a smartphone and optimizes the screens and menus for use on smaller devices.

Video Tutorials

Chapterized video tutorials allow administrators, faculty and students to walk through the system at their own pace and return to specific topic areas when needed.


At Typhon Group, we worked hard to design the most advanced healthcare student tracking software available.  Our systems are both powerful and easy to use (we're not just saying that... ask our clients!).  And, our expert account management team is ready to help your new users get up to speed fast.  As a Typhon Group customer, you'll receive unlimited support and online training classes at no extra cost.  Best of all, with pay-per-user pricing and no long term contracts, Typhon Group is a cost-effective solution for small schools and large programs alike.

Ready to see more?  Contact us today for a quote, complete feature list, client references, and extended video tutorials to view at your leisure.  When you're ready, we can schedule a full online demonstration and Q & A session to show how you can customize the product to meet your needs.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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